The SkanStacker 300 is an automatic 96-well microplate washer designed to give reliable, reproducible results, with no cross-contamination between wells, and no carryover from plate to plate. The washer incorporates flexible software, and can handle most requirements for kit manufacturers, and research and clinical scientists. The SkanStacker 300 has eight user-defined programs, two inlets for buffer and rinse, and a special rinse program. The fluid pressure can be adjusted individually for each program, making it suitable for very gentle washing, as well as tougher, more turbulent washing.

SkanStacker 300 with a 25-microplate capacity stacker system. Vacuum pressure and aspiration and dispense probe heights are adjustable. On-board software for user to configure 8 different programs. External vacuum pump required. Ideal for ELISAs and most cell-based assays.