For high throughput testing, the 96-well cell harvesters will harvest all 96 samples simultaneously, or harvest 24 wells at a time, selectable by rows. The 96-well cell harvesters have flexible programming to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of applications. Parameters can be individually set to adapt the program to most standard applications: twelve washes from any of three inlets, separation of radioactive waste, timing of the prewet, and washing and drying sequences. To address more demanding assays, the 96-well cell harvesters allow for a number of harvester and wash combinations. Microplates 8×12 Filter Format Config: 6×16 Filtering Area: 9 mm Counter Compatibility: Liquid scintillation counters and Wallac Betaplate counter Wells Harvested Simultaneously 24/48/72/96 programmable No. Outlets 2 hot/cold No. Inlets 3 Harvest Programming Fully programmable, 10 user-selectable programs.